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Simple- Beautiful- Jewelry  

Made with Natural Stones 

We’re so happy that you’ve stopped by our new website, where Passion and Creativity meet. Our hope is that when you stop by, you’ll learn a little bit about the beauty and power of semiprecious gemstones, along with finding a piece that speaks to your soul.

 sfrancesmorris- jewelry was started by Susan Morris in 2017 because of her love of gemstones, jewelry, nature, and the power of inspirational words. When she was going through a difficult period in her life, a shop owner on Martha’s Vineyard gave her a necklace that had one simple word on it— STRENGTH. She wore it throughout that difficult time and her mindset was different than usual— The power of that one word inspired her and indeed gave her strength. To pay it forward she has designed her own strength in health necklace. see photo below.

 Susan’s love of stones started as a young child on the beaches of Cape Cod MA, where she would pick up stones along with seashells and place them in her bucket. Each year it was the same, always with the same amazement of the differences in texture, size, shape, & color of each stone.


It wasn’t just her— People have treasured stones for many reasons throughout history. The nature and power of stones have been around forever. Some of these reasons include the use of gems as beautiful decorative ornaments, religious symbols, amulets and good-luck charms. Gems have also been used for barter, and for medicinal purposes. The power of gemstones— for inspiration, luck, healing, and protection—is a practice that continues today.

sfrancesmorris’s collections were created with these same traditional ideas in mind. Creating beautiful jewelry using natural stones. We want you to experience the beauty of gemstones, so, you too can discover the power and uniqueness of each piece. She wants her company to represent the beauty she sees in the word. Creating beautiful jewelry pieces that reflect one’s own passion for life feeds her soul. It is her passion.

 She says:  When you put on a piece of jewelry you are making a personal statement and sharing with the world your true inner self—Your hopes, your dreams, your intentions.

Let your jewelry be your own unique personal expression that reflects back to you –your most wonderful self. The one that is at true peace. When we forget our life, intentions let your piece of jewelry be a reminder to let go of the little stuff and focus on the bigger picture.

SFrancesMorris jewelry is handcrafted with premium materials in our studio located in beautiful upstate New York.

As a reminder to live your life with passion- Tucked inside a small pouch, you will find a small garnet nugget- our free gift to you!

 A custom handmade piece can also be designed for you—just let us know what you would like the piece to represent to you. And if you’re not sure, send us an email and we’ll figure it out together.

Live your life with Passion-Personality and Purpose